About Tough Motivation

Welcome to my blog!

I am a strong believer in setting goals and doing everything it takes to achieve them. My life has been a rollercoaster of failures and success, and it has all made me who I am today. I decided to write a blog about motivation and inspiration since I have gained a ton of it over the years. However, my take on it is a little different. I’m sarcastic, sassy, and a little bit blunt. So I will give the real, down-to-earth advice that I feel will serve as the best motivation. (Check out my branding video below!)


I graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in May of 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in International Business. My emphasis is in management, but I have also spent a great deal of time studying the Spanish language. In fact, I spent a semester studying in Alicante Spain, in the Spring of 2011.

Alicante – My Second Home

After graduating college I moved to Anaheim, California to work for ESPN’s DirecTV Classic college basketball tournament as the Manager of Fan Development.

At 23 years old, there is still a mountain of things I want to experience in my life. My passions are wide spread, yet concrete, and I enjoy working at each and every one of them. In my spare time I enjoy anything music related, including playing guitar, watching sports, and anything outdoorsy.

I always enjoy feedback because I like to improve in whatever I am doing. Please share your thoughts with me, and I will do my best to keep you coming back for more!

Thanks for stopping by,

Kati Nelson

41 thoughts on “About Tough Motivation

  1. Hi! So glad to have found your site. Life IS tough and not all rainbows for sure! That’s one of the observations of many I found when doing my study on renewal. I wanted to share with you that issue of Thought Notebook Journal. It certainly puts on display that some of our trials in life are common and familiar, and that we all go through events in our life that require us to renew our perspective.

    Keep blogging!



  2. I just found this blog. I was looking for fellow motivators. Are you still doing any motivational work? Your content is great and I’m trying to connect with those who have a knack for being motivational.

  3. I found your blog and love it. I have a women’s motivational tank, tee and sweatshirt business and FB, Twitter and Pinterest pages and would love to include you as a Mighty Petunia Motivator on the ecommerce site. Check it out and if you are interested, message me on any of the above and we can connect.

  4. SUBJECT: You Inspired Me To Create My First Web Startup!

    Hey, I’ve been reading your blog for a while and you inspired me to create my own internet business at http://www.yearofmotivation.com/

    I wanted to give you free access to the service, as I was hoping to see if you could promote it on social media/allow me to write a guest post for you about it (with the angle: “How I Created My First Web Startup.”)

    Major press have covered it so far, links below:


    Email me back if you’re interested!

    Thanks so much,

  5. Hi Kati,
    i stumbled across your blog today and read all the entries!! 🙂
    Very good. I also gathered from your linkedIn entry that you were successful in finding a job. I work a lot with “twenty-somethings” (..and I’m not a psychologist!) – thus found your entries very much confirming my impressions of this group.
    I just wondered why you haven’t blogged anything for quite some time – is work getting in the way? :-)))
    Looking forward to your next blog!

  6. Hey Kati-
    Thought I would reach out. My partners and I are creating a motivational/uplifting fashion brand (primarily shirts now, expanding further later) called Best Day of My Life. Our goal is to promote people living each day as their best while inspiring others to do the same! You can check us out at Facebook and our indiegogo crowd funding campaign. Thought your followers might enjoy the movement! Let us know


  7. Hi Kati, I randomly stumbled upon your blog and very much enjoyed reading your posts! I love your writing style and also the fact that you write properly… 🙂 You have a great sense of humor and very wise opinions for your age. I hope you will soon find your dream job! I am on the hunt, myself, and I certainly lack the motivation I should have to keep up my blogging, as you mention a couple of times. My grandma loves to read mine too. haha.

  8. I just read through some of your post and I have to say I absolutely love your blog. Everything you say is spot on and I really relate to it. Your massages are so clear and powerful. Your posts are fun to read and every one of them has great advice to offer. I hope that one day my blog can be as amazing as yours. Thank you for keeping it real and sharing you knowledge and I cannot wait to read more of your blog.

  9. Kati, such a great reason to write a blog! So, the question comes up in each of us as to what exactly motivates us from complacent rhetoric, wining and complaining, wanting and longing…into real action, taking the uncomfortable steps to create a new future for ourselves. I am not sure whether there is a universal answer to this, but Maslow, whose Theory of Human Motivation is probably to most well-known, claims that the greater the pain, the better shot at taking action. And, the more basic the pain is to our survival, like physical safety, financial insecurity, etc….the higher the motivation. He claims, which I agree with, the need motivates, and the level of need relative to survival (whether physical, emotional, or spiritual…), so goes our focus on taking action. I would add to that my own theory that if we only learn from pain, then pain shall be our only teacher. If we are willing to be inspired instead of terrified, then the process will look different. What is your experience? Did failure or success motivate your own changes?

  10. Hi Kati,

    I like the theme of your blog, and it’s always interesting hearing other college students talk about motivation and inspiration. Are there any particular sources that influence your opinions?


    • Thanks Kevin. Nothing influences my opinions in particular. I find things that motivate me to write in every day life, usually when I least expect them! I find myself having to carry a notebook around to jot down ideas when they come to me, otherwise I’ll never remember the random ones!

      Thanks for reading 🙂


  11. Kati, thanks for being part of the solution in today’s culture. Appreciate your point of view. Best wishes with 32 jobs you’ve got going on…when do you find time to write…or sleep…or breathe?

    Be encouraged.

  12. Thanks for visiting and following. I look forward to reading your blog. We all need a little Tough Love to keep focused. P.S. thanks for being my 38th follower–that was my B-day goal!

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