The 10 Worst Things About Going to the Gym

I’ve made a conscious effort to get back in the gym, and I’ve been going for quite some time now (the past 2 days). Most blogs and websites seem to talk about how great the gym is and all of the wonderful things you can do there. They have you believing that you are going to see sunshine and rainbows as soon as you step foot inside. Now listen, this post is not to discourage you from joining a gym or exercising. I am merely here to inform you of all the awful things you might encounter, so that when you arrive you will be prepared and it won’t seem so bad. You’re welcome.

  1. It’s New Year’s Resolution Time. Everyone and their cousin has signed up for a gym membership as a New Year’s Resolution. Last night I went around 5pm (take my word for it… don’t do that). The place was absolutely packed! It’s like they put up a sign saying “Free Food Inside.” Not to mention, there was NO parking, so I had to park my car waaaay far away at the other side of the lot. And who likes walking 50 yards into the place that they are going to work out in? Nobody. I am reassured of that each night by the people who wait in their car for a front row spot to open up.
  2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Who’s the sweatiest of them all? Okay, seriously? Why do gyms think its okay to line the walls with mirrors? I get it, it’s so you can check yourself out while you’re getting all swole and what not (I personally feel awkward watching myself work out. You do you though). All that ends up happening is accidentally locking awkward eyes with someone across the room while I’m about to die on some sort of cardio contraption.
  3. The Dreaded Treadmill. I love to run. I’ve done a couple of half marathons in my day, and it’s generally my go-to exercise. But the treadmill? It’s the worst. For those of you who are outdoor runners, you know what I’m talking about. Two miles on the treadmill seems like an eternity and a half. And now they put these little TV’s attached to each one? Oh sure, let me watch this little screen that is a foot in front of my face while I’m jogging. Every time I get dizzy and have to look away for fear of falling off and dying.
  4. Beef Cakes. There are so many jacked people at the gym who disgust you and make you feel bad about yourself at the same time. What do they do, spend 18 hours a day lifting weights? And boy do they love the mirrors. You always seem them standing right in front of the wall doing curls as if they were in front of an audience at body-building competition. It’s just you in the mirror brah, just you. Take it down a notch or ten.
  5. Rated R Locker Rooms. I don’t get why everyone thinks it’s okay to just stand around buck naked in the locker room chatting with all your retirement home friends. It’s always the umm, how should I say this… “aged ladies.” Sure, they are comfortable with their bodies, as they’ve lived with them for many decades. But I’m not. Use a towel!
  6. Really Attractive. Good thing I’m not going to the gym to find a love connection. Why is it that guys can pull off the sweaty, just-worked-out look? When I get done at the gym, I look like a hot disheveled mess! My face at the end of it is some weird, blotchy, flushed combination of looking like I just got sunburned and then immediately turned really pale. I don’t get why the boys aren’t flocking towards me when I get done.
  7. Chatty Kathy’s. Don’t talk to me when I’m working out. Especially if I don’t know you. End of story. I barely have enough breath to get through the stairmaster let alone talk to you about your pet cat and all those newspapers you collect.
  8. Music Selection. I find it absolutely necessary to have music on when I’m working out. Don’t get me started on getting to the gym and realizing you forgot your headphones. You might as well just turn around and leave. The worst is when your iPod is on shuffle. You are at the peak of your workout, super into it, when all of a sudden the song changes from Eminem to Adele or something. Not okay.
  9. Not Knowing How to Use the Weights. I am fairly familiar with most weight machines and their functions. Most of them are pretty self explanatory as there is only one possible way to contort your body to make it work. But I won’t lie when I say I’ve gotten a little over-confident before and walked up to a complex looking machine, thinking oh I can figure out how to use this. Wrong. I usually just stand by it for a minute, taking sips of my water, adjusting my iPod, while secretly scanning the machine for some sort of picture of how to use it. With no luck, I just do some awkward stretch and then walk away like I never intended to use it in the first place.
  10. False Expectations. Advertisements or pictures (like the one below) make the gym seem like a very happy place. No one smiles like that when they are working out! If these two were on the elliptical next to me I think I would be seriously creeped out. Just saying.


These are just a few of the terrible things in relation to the gym. There are a ton more where that came from, but I don’t want to discourage you from working out. If all else fails, just steal all the treadmils and do this:


“Fear is what stops you… courages is what keeps you going.” -Unknown


7 thoughts on “The 10 Worst Things About Going to the Gym

  1. I like this post because these are the real. Thanks for sharing. I am associated with a company named Challenge Barbell is the manufacturer and exporter of wide range of powerlifting and weightlifting equipments.

  2. Kati-

    I love your blog and have to agree- but there are things that I find terrible about gyms that you missed. I need to be upfront though my feeling whenever I walk into a gym is go home and eat some chocolate. Really the image of a bunch of people racing hard to get no where (take a spinning class for example) is hilarious. I can’t stop laughing at the absurdity of it all. And treadmills are recipe for broken noses to me- the comedic humor of falling off has been ingrained in my mind as the perfect clown skit. :0) Anyway, here are my thoughts.

    1. Air quality- really how can you have a good work out when you are sucking in rank Body Odor, excessive Right Guard or heaven forbid perfume covering said BO. 2. Wet Toilet Seats- whether it is from sweat, getting out of the pool or sitting down after a shower before drying off, nothing is more disgusting than sitting down to take a pee and having the seat be wet. 3. Fitness Class Etiquette- arriving 10 min after the class starts only to ask everyone to move their mats so you can squeeze in, or worse yet, putting your mat across another person’s space. 4. Walking cross the sacred Yoga Studio floor with 2 kids in tow in your snow boots, dropping you mat in the middle of the room and leaving only to return after class has started. 5. Appropriate clothing? If you can’t put the work out outfit on without using Pam Cooking Spray for god sake don’t wear it. And please make sure all your private parts fit inside your clothing. 6. Swimming pools are ripe for “worsts”- someone getting into the “fast lane” only to move so slowly they never make it to the end of the pool before having to to stop and hang onto the wall, people peeing in the water because they don’t have “time” to get out and do their business (sadly this is common with racers), and of course the chlorine is so thick you can seeing both in the air and the water. (This is of course because of the people and kids who don’t get out when they need to use the bathroom.)

    Yesterday at Yoga class a woman asked if she could do a modification because the pose was damaging her toe nail polish. Wow! That was a first.

    I hope you have a great day!


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