Dwelling is for Houses, Not Humans

It always seems that one pivotal moment in a person’s life is going to change who they are forever. This event can either be wonderful, or it can be terrible. When it’s one of those terrible events, we as humans can choose to let it define us in a positive or negative way.

I got in a car accident last Friday, just a little fender bender. I was looking over my shoulder for my turn to merge right onto the cross street. Little did I know, the person in front of me had stopped and decided not to go as it had seemed. Traffic cleared, I was inching up, and as soon as I looked forward and took my foot of the brake… WHAM. I crashed right into this guy, in my brand new car. Now although he was perfectly fine to get out of the car and come get my driver’s license (and proceed to hide it in his wallet, mind you), he got back in the car, called 911, and got carted off on the stretcher along with his wife. I’d be lying if I said this is how I wanted to spend my Friday afternoon. However, things happen, and it can always be worse.


Life events (some that we are not proud of) happen all the time. We are human and we make mistakes. The single worst thing we can do is sit around and dwell on it, wondering why me or what if. I have not had any one single event happen in my life where I sat back and thought my world had been turned upside down. So what, I got in a little car accident. Sure, I’m mad at myself for it and even madder at the situation that followed. However, there are people out there with much bigger issues to face.

Although I am not speaking from personal experience, when these big issues come around we have to decide what to do. We can dwell on it, but that won’t get us anywhere. We can focus on what went wrong, but that will only prohibit us from moving on. Or we can take what we’ve learned and focus on the future. You never hear about the person who went through something terrible and spent their whole life in regret. The strongest and most incredible people I know have had some sort of life-altering event happen to them and overcame it. I never wish anything bad upon myself or others, but I hope that if that time approaches any of us, we can look our problems right in the eye and make the choice to move on.


“What’s the point of pointing the finger, other than to stall your own progress in moving on?” – Lisa Steadman


4 thoughts on “Dwelling is for Houses, Not Humans

  1. This was a great post and very fitting for me know. I have been trying to leave something stupid I did in the past for about a week and I am finding it hard. Your post definitely helped me to realize I just need to forget about it, so thank you.

    • You are very welcome.. I’m glad you found it helpful! Sometimes we get so caught up on the things we’ve done in the past, that we lose the ability to move on towards the future. Best of luck to you 🙂

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