Clean Your House

When I say clean your house, I don’t mean your literal house. That would be awfully hypocritical seeing as my house is a slight disaster at the moment. I am talking about your hypothetical “life” house (that may be the corniest thing I’ve ever said).

Think about it. Screw the box of chocolates, life is like a house. You can design it, make it pretty, rearrange it, work on it, let it turn into a meth house, etc. Now, in this hypothetical house, you don’t have a maid. That means it’s your own responsibility to clean up after yourself, or don’t make a mess of it in the first place. Each room of the house can be compared to a certain aspect of your life. This is a stretch, so bear with me.

The living room – This relates to the social aspect of your life, because that’s where people gather when they come over, naturally. Keep your living room in tip-top shape, and get rid of people who are bringing you down. Consider them old smelly couch pillows that your dog chewed up once upon a time. Sure maybe you have had them forever, but sometimes it’s best to let the bad things go. Build close strong relationships, and don’t let the unhealthy ones weigh you down.

The kitchen – This has to do with your health decisions. I am strongly opposed to crash diets or any other sort of miserable diet that you have to be on for your entire life. Enjoying great food is a part of living, but health is a very important factor. There are healthy foods that are quite delicious, and it’s even okay to eat a nice juicy burger every once in a while. Eating healthy and exercising will lead to a happier and longer life.

The bathroom – Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom. Therefore, we will relate this to the things in your life that you put off and sweep under the rug. There are things we have to do in life that we don’t necessarily want to, but they are our obligations. Such as cleaning the bathroom. The longer you put it off, the more dreaded of a task it is. So tackle your to-do list and get rid of all of those things you don’t want to deal with!

The bedroom – Get your mind out of the gutter. I am going to go with the opposite of what you are thinking, and say this relates to the proper amount of sleep. When your room is cluttered, that means you have too much on your mind. When you have too much on your mind you can’t sleep. When you can’t sleep, you fail. Too much? Okay, you probably won’t fail but proper rest will definitely help you in your success.

The closet – Oh the dreaded closet. Clean this out! Stop throwing all of your life secrets in here, it won’t make them go away. Be honest with yourself and others, and you will be much happier in life.

These are just some of the rooms in your life house. You can have as many rooms as you want in this house, but just remember to clean up after yourself. And don’t make your life a crack house.

“He who wants to change the world should already begin by cleaning the dishes.” – Paul Carvel


4 thoughts on “Clean Your House

  1. Katherine! The angle you’ve taken about cleaning house is awesome! Getting responsible for your own life and moving in a positive direction has to start with yourself!

    • Thanks Samantha. I wrote down this comparison about a year ago, and just found it in an old notebook. I’m so glad I have a blog now to write down all my thoughts in an official way!

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